Wed, Feb 24, 2021
    Inaugural Lecture: Professor Abiodun Alao

    Inaugural Lecture: Professor Abiodun Alao

    Inaugural Lecture: Professor Abiodun Alao


    About the audio:

    This inaugural lecture focuses on the differences between what the reality of Africa is, as against the image of the continent that has been projected. The objective is to challenge the underlining assumptions of Afro-pessimism and to identify some of the current developments that nullify the negative stereotypes that have historically governed perceptions about Africa. The lecture will discuss the causes of the initial negative conclusions and the reasons for the emerging voice of the continent. It will also address how the world is responding to the increasing emergence of Africa’s voice. However, although the lecture recognises some of the key issues that indicate a bright future for Africa, it nevertheless cautions against the rising tendency of Afro-euphoria by identifying some of the self-inflicted handicaps that can prevent the “voice” of the continent from being clearly “heard” and also those that can frustrate the “voice” from having “influence”.

    Recorded: April, 2016. | Duration: 01Hr: 12 Min 47 Sec | Download


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