Mon, Mar 1, 2021

    Africa is often depicted as a continent of mass migration, following its high number of migrants experienced in the past few years. According to statistics, As of 2007, there were an estimated seven million African migrants living in Organisation For Economic Co-Operations and Development countries. This increase in numbers has been constituted by: Climate change and environmental degradation, armed conflict, and political, economic and food crises which has continued to force people to flee hence the high number.

    African migration has largely become synonymous with the European migration crisis; in doing so, it has neglected and silenced other inspiring and compelling narratives from Africa.

    This debate Not Just A Crisis: A Conversation On African Migration looks at the modern day African Migration complexities, Identity, Residency, Citizenship and breaks down who best defines how we view ourselves and our own identity through stories of two scholars based at King’s College London.

    Through their stories it’s evident that there is a crisis in both intra-regional migrations and extra-regional migration.

    The debate began with introductory statements by Aida Abbashar a final year History and International Relations student at King’s College London followed by Natasha Chilambo from Zambia and Wadeisor Rukato from Zimbabwe and who are both Masters students in Leadership, Security and Development at the African Leadership Centre, King’s College London.

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