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    ALC Pan-African Radio is a public interest radio established by the African Leadership Centre (ALC) with a core focus on peace, security and leadership in Africa. It will serve audiences across Africa and in the Diaspora.

    Programmes broadcast will fall broadly in the area of peace and security, discuss leadership dimensions and responses, engage all shades of African opinion, and adhere to a set of core values.

    Core values

    ALC Pan-African Radio is guided by the core values of the African Leadership Centre and these include:

    • Pursuit of excellence
    • African-led ideas of change
    • Independent thinking
    • Respect for diversity in all its forms
    • Respect for youth agency
    • Integrity

    ALC Pan-African Radio will abide by these core values and will seek to ensure that its programmes:

    • Maintain a focus on peace, security and development issues in Africa
    • Are in the general interest of Africa
    • Highlight key leadership issues confronting the region
    • Represent a cross-section of people and opinions

    Contribute to enhancement of peace, security and development in Africa




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    Adeola Akintoye March 27, 2021 at 9:26 am

    Africa Arise and fulfil her potential

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